4 Best Application Lifecycle Management Tools in 2021

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Tools help business in the supervision of a software application from its initial planning through retirement. ALM systems also help in maintaining how changes to an application are documented and tracked. ALM is a very broad term that reflects a change in attitude towards software development. In the past, a development team might work independently using a waterfall development model and hand off the completed software application to an operations team for deployment and maintenance. Today, it is more likely that developers will use an agile model and remain involved with the application after deployment, working with business owners and operations to make incremental changes as needed.  Analyzo has listed the best Application Lifecycle Management Tools that you can choose from based on your requirements.

Best Application Lifecycle Management Tools

Jama Software
Price : On Request

Jama Software provides your business with a powerful tool that helps you connect all teams to live data, accelerate decisions & mitigate risk. Jama’s product development platform enables you to keep up with the pace as your products become more complex with hardware and software

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services
Price : Free - Custom

Plan better, code together and ship faster with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services. Code in any IDE/language, build applications for any target platform and integrate your favorite tools from the marketplace. Track and manage all your great ideas on kanban or

IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management
Price : On Request

IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management is an all-in-one product that delivers requirements management, quality management, change and configuration management and project planning and tracking. IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management combines IBM Rational Team Concert,

CollabNet TeamForge
Price : On Request

Increase software development speed and quality, at lower cost with TeamForge ALM. Gain visibility into software development with the leading Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform. TeamForge is an award-winning application lifecycle management (ALM) platform for collaborative

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FAQ's for Application Lifecycle Management Tools

What are Application Lifecycle Management Tools?

Application Lifecycle Management is the process of overseeing entire lifecylce of an application - beginning from specification, through to designing, development, testing, deployment, and support.
Application Lifecycle Management is a very broad term that comprises of several things, such as, planning, project management, development, testing, etc.
Application Lifecycle Management Tools are all-in-one tools that provide a central platform where teams from various departments can communicate and collaborate with each other in a secure environment, thus, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

Why are Application Lifecycle Management Tools important?

Application Lifecycle Management Tools allow various teams to integrate and work together seamlessly in a collaborative and secure environment. From defining the idea, to development, testing and support, Application Lifecycle Management Tools combine the disciplines concerned with various aspects of an application's development and deployment. This enables businesses to meet deadlines, save costs and manage the entire lifecycle of an application in an effective and efficient manner.

What to look for in an Application Lifecycle Management Software?

An Application Lifecycle Management Software should be able to efficiently perform multiple tasks, such as:
1. Draft specifications required to build the application.
2. Prioritize and assign requirements and tasks.
3. Test the application for bugs, incidents, etc.
4. Create extensive reports.
5. Ensure bug-free deployment of application.
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