6 Best API Management Services in 2021

API's (Application Program Interface) are a set of routines that are used to interact with web applications. API's provide a secure and easy way for applications to open up to 3rd party developers. There are a number of tools which help manage API's by providing analytics, security and control. They can be used to adjust and track rate limits and track API usage. Analyzo has listed the best API Management Services that you can choose from based on your requirements. Click on Quick View to see plan features or compare plans across companies.

Best API Management Services

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Apiary is a web based repository for API documentation that also includes server mocking, code samples, automated testing, and GitHub sync. It's free for most needs including both public and private API documentation.

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3scale is an API management platform that provides performance, customer control and excellent time-to-value. They deliver self-service, highly scalable solutions to open, package, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs so you can share company data, content, or services through Web or mobile applications.

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The Mashape API Marketplace helps developers discover APIs for their apps. The Mashape Billing Add-on Tool allows API providers to add a payment layer to their API in seconds. Their integrated API documentation and test console let's you experience an API without commitment.
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Apigee provides a range of solutions from entry level tools for exploring APIs with a console and navigating OAuth, to enterprise tools for managing OAuth, Keys and platform for driving developer adoption while understanding usage, managing traffic and scaling an API platform.
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With just a few simple steps, Anypoint by MuleSoft enables you to manage users, monitor and analyze traffic, and secure APIs with ordered policies. It provides API management for every connection made to backend services and data sources with Mule runtime engine.

Price : Free - $21/user/month

Postman is a powerful GUI platform to make your API development faster & easier, from building API requests through testing, documentation and sharing.

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FAQ's for API Management Services

Which is the best API management service provider?

Analyzo has done a lot of research and listed the best API management service providers that you can choose from based on your requirements. Some of the most popular ones are 3scale, Apigee and Mashape.

What’s the difference between API services that use proxies and those which don’t?

API service providers that use proxies: This type of solution functions much like a middle-man between the customer and their users and the traffic goes through it. Proxies protect customer’s back-end infrastructure from traffic spikes and provide caching capabilities. Apigee is one such example of such implementations.
API service providers that use agents: Agents can be defined as plugins which integrate with your web-server. When plugins are used, there is no dependency on third parties as plugins do not get in the way of the customer and their users (the way proxies do), but this makes caching difficult to implement.
API service providers that use a hybrid approach: In such a solution, you get an agent and a proxy. You can use the proxy for caching and the agent for authentication.

What are the features of an API management service?

Documentation: One of the major problems faced by developers is understanding how an API works. API management services provide helpful documentation which gives all the information there is about the API  (how it works, features, etc.).
Analytics: API management services provide insights into how your API is being used by people.
Deployment: An important thing to look out for while choosing an API management service is whether or not it supports various types of deployments, such as - public cloud, private cloud, on-premise, etc
Developer Engagement: It is important that you are able to easily engage with your customers and developers. API management services allow you to do this from a single platform.
Sandbox Environment: Sandbox environments make it easy to test the API under various configuration settings.
Traffic caching and management abilities.
Security: API management services should provide a reliable identity and access management system as APIs are generally used for transmitting highly personal and important data.
Monetization: Provide the ability to monetize your API.

What is API management?

API management is the process of creating, analyzing, and managing APIs in a secure and scalable environment. API management aims at allowing organizations that either utilize or publish an API to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of an API from its creation to its use in applications.
API management tools offer a reliable and secure platform that allows you to create and deliver applications that satisfy the requirements of your clients.
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