3 Best Ad Retargeting Tools in 2021

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, lets you show ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app before. When users leave your website without buying anything, remarketing helps you re-connect with those users to show them relevant ads for products that they might be interested in. Analyzo has listed the leading tools that can be used for Re-Targeting.

Best Ad Retargeting

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Perfect Audience focuses on Facebook retargeting by helping you track clicks and conversions on a self-service dashboard with the ability to manage multiple users. You can also discover new marketing channels and retarget across the web, using its network of ad exchanges. A Free trial is available.
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Google Adwords
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Retargeting is one of the features of the Google AdWords platform. This feature can be merged with existing adwords campaigns.  
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On their basic plan they offer site retargeting with both contextual and behavioral targeting built in.They have a complete self-service interface, transparent conversion tracking, and customer service. Their platform allows advertisers to run retargeting campaigns using data from their own site.
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FAQ's for Ad Retargeting

What are the benefits of ad retargeting?

Immediate Effect: Once setup, ad retargeting needs no human interaction to work properly. Your website's visitors start seeing displayed ads as soon as they've left your site.
Efficiency: Ad retargeting helps streamline the costs of your campaigns. It allows you to target only those users who have expressed interest in your product or service.
Meta Description: The best ad retargeting tools are listed here. Use these ad retargeting platforms to increase your conversion rates. Analyzo has listed the top ad retargeting tools that you can use and benefit from.

What are some of the best practices for ad retargeting?

Ad retargeting works best when you segment your users and then target each group individually. The most effective ad retargeting strategies are concise and have a clear call-to-action.

When does ad retargeting work?

Ad retargeting is the process of improving conversions from the existing traffic. It can only help convert those people who visit your website. But they do have to visit your website. It does nothing to drive them to your website.
Similary, a traffic driving service like AdWords can help drive traffic to your website but won't help convert it. That's why ad retargeting is best used in conjuction with a traffic driving tool, where the traffic driving tool will increase the number of visitors visiting your website and ad retargeting will help help drive conversions. 

Is ad retargeting effective?

Ad retargeting is an effective strategy for engaging those customers who have visited your website in the past and shown interest in it. Ad retargeting is a great way of improving ROIs by converting those visitors who don't convert right away.

How does ad retargeting work?

Ad ad retargeting follows a cookie-based model for serving ads to visitors. When a visitor visits your site for the first time, a broswer cookie is dropped anonymously on his system. Whenever he/she starts browsing the Internet again, this cookie helps your ad-serving platform (for example, Google, Media.net, etc.) know which ads to serve to that visitor.

What is ad retargeting?

Ad retargeting is a marketing strategy in which ads are displayed specifically to those visitors who don't convert immediately. Majority of your site's visitors will not lead to immediate conversions. Ad retargeting is a great way to target these customers and achieve high conversion rates.
Ad retargeting is the process of capturing those visitors who've visited your site once by showing them advertisements for your website whether they're browsing internet (after leaving your website) via Google or watching videos on YouTube.
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