Backup Machine

Backup Machine by Backupmachine
Price: Free - $9.99/month

Backup Machine is an easy-to-use web-based website backup service. There's nothing to install and it's completely automatic. With Backup Machine, your website (FTP or SFTP) and MySQL databases are securely backed up every day, without fail. Backup Machine automatically backs up your website every day and restore it within minutes. It securely backs up your website, web app (including Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and all other web apps) and MySQL databases with nothing to install or configure.

Every day, week or month (depending on your package type), it will automatically back up your website. There's nothing to administer or remember; it does everything automatically for you! Backups are stored securely and remotely for complete protection. Have a dynamic website? It will automatically back up MySQL databases at the same time as your website.

Backup Machine doesn't just back up your website; it archives it. Need to restore your website from two months ago? Backup Machine has archived it all! You'll have your website back up and running in minutes after a crash. Just choose which version you want to restore and you'll be able to get your site back online in no time.

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