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Just like Imperva Incapsula, F5 also offers DDOS protection via the cloud. You can customize a mitigation strategy to best protect your site with it's range of deployment methods. It offers a massive network and scrubbing capacity that is equipped to handle large scale attacks.


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How much does Akamai’s Kona DDOS services cost?

The pricing is defined for Akamais Kona DDOS as such. Though the yearly subscription can cost approximately $7k yearly. The setup cost is around $3.5k.

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How much does the Impreva Incapsula DDOS service cost?

As per the stats of 2016, Imperva Incapsula DDOS has no default pricing but their average pricing cost around $4.5k yearly. The set-up cost is estimated to be around $6000.

DDOS Protection Services Imperva Incapsula
What is the cost of F5 Silverline DDOS protection license?

The cost of F5 Silverline (cloud-based) platform with subscription license for 1 year is around $12,290. Though, the pricing may vary based on the amount of clean traffic that one (customer) typically uses. In that case, contact F5 Sales rep at 866-329-4253 or +1 (206) 272-7969

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A DDoS attack shuts a business down, commonly by overwhelming/exhausting the company’s network or website. In addition to installing DDOS protection services, teaching your staff what DDoS attack traffic patterns look like and

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Defendable Attacks

Volumetric Attacks

Application Layer Attacks

Protocol Attacks


Custom SSL Certificates



Additional Features

  • Phishing proxies
    Anonymous proxies
    Always-on mode
    On-demand mode

Web Application Firewall

IP Blocking

Network Capacity

  • Over 1tbps

Border Gateway Protocol

Domain Name System

Web Proxy

Real Time Monitoring

On Demand Deployment

Hybrid Deployment





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