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MakeAGif has been the preeminent spot to make a GIF since 2006. Its GIF maker allows you to make a GIF with pictures, webcam, video and the latest (though not new) addition of Youtube to GIF. With millions of amazing GIFs at your fingertips, the next logical step is to start compiling them in a fun, informative and sometimes ridiculous way. Hence the MakeaGIF blog. It's got trending news on celebrities; it's got the silly, the absurd, the absolute, the Right in the Feels, the what is that?, the best sports GIFs, the worst fail GIFs, the I-have-to-share-this GIFs to I-probably-shouldn’t-tell-anyone-I-like-this GIFs. It even has tutorials on the easiest ways to make a GIF.

Bringing it to basics, MakeAGif has a love of all things GIF related, GIF-esque, GIF-ish or GIF-wannabe or even somewhere in the neighborhood of GIF.  An image moves and it is on it.

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