ObjectRocket by ObjectRocket
Price: Pay-As-You-Go

The ObjectRocket platform is built for scalability, speed, and safety. You get fully managed instances of MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis in data centers across the globe. Their solutions are optimized for NoSQL workloads. Users can choose their hosting environment: AWS Direct Connect, AWS EC2 integration, or Rackspace Cloud. It maks data easy, fast, and fully managed so you can focus on building great apps.

ObjectRocket's production-ready Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform is built from the ground up to adapt and scale as you grow. It helps you get ahead of your competitors by reducing time to market for new builds or streamlining existing data workloads to optimize performance & costs at scale.

Fully backed by database experts across the stack - from trial through migration to production – so you can focus on innovation while we worry about what’s under the hood.

Plan & Pricing:

  • Types: Shared Cluster, 3 Node Replica Set, Single Database
  • Engines: mmap, WiredTiger
  • Modifiers: Encryption at rest
  • Storage: Starting from 0 GB
  • Pricing: Starting from $125
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