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Price: Starts from $31/Month

With Compose, your MongoDB deployment scales effortlessly and automatically. Resources scale automatically based on the total disk use of the Compose for MongoDB database. RAM is scaled at 1/10th of data size when using the default MMAPv1 storage, or 1/4th when using WiredTiger. Your data is safe. With daily backups plus weekly and monthly retention, you can rest easy knowing it has you covered.

There’s no doubt the cloud can be stormy at times. That’s why Compose offers highly-available replica sets that utilize multiple availability zones and automatic failover. Select a database, pick a hosting provider, and choose a region. It’s that easy. There are many options to choose from so you can host your data close to your application to minimize latency. With private VLAN, IP whitelisting, HAproxy, SSL, 2-factor authentication, full-stack monitoring, roles and permissions, and custom alerts, your MongoDB deployment is vigorously protected.

Performing over 30 different health checks on your database every few minutes, Compose knows instantly if there is an issue and our 24x7 on-call team works to resolve potential problems fast. Compose users who need to run their databases on dedicated, isolated, encrypted, and high compliance hosts can use Compose Enterprise clusters.

Plans & Pricing:

Pricing starts at $31/month and costs $18/month for each additional 1 GB of storage.

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