Visual Recognition

Visual Recognition by IBM
Price: Free - $0.0002/image

When provided an image file or URL, Visual Recognition returns as many as 20 keywords while summarizing scenes, objects and stylistic features. The API is capable of identifying 3D objects such as chairs, dogs, buildings, recognizing streets, stores, beaches, landscapes, mountains, and detecting people and faces. It helps you analyze images for scenes, objects, fades, text, and other subjects that can give you insights into your visual content. Create and train your custom image classifiers using your own collections.

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Does Diffbot let you define custom tags?

Diffbot doesn't let you define custom tags. It however does allow you to assign relevant tags to all your images in an automated fashion.Imagga and Clarifai are two products you might be interested in. They both allow you to

Image Tagging APIs
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  • Alchemyapi
  • Alchemyapi


  • Free
  • $0.002/image

Free Trial

Number of Images

  • Up to 5000
  • 5000+

Number of Calls per Second


Automated Tagging

Custom Tagging

Additional Features

  • Face Detection
    Custom Classifier Training
    Custom Image Classification
  • Face Detection
    Custom Classifier Training
    Custom Image Classification





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