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Opentag is Qubit’s enterprise-class Tag Management Solution, which helps ease the maintenance hassles that come with managing dozens of vendor relationships, and their various tags. Utilize Opentag’s integration with our AB testing platform to quickly test the efficacy of different point solutions. Optimize your marketing channels by only rewarding the true contributing channels through CPA De-duplication feature. Utilise Qubit’s tag library for instant access to over 600 tags making tag deployment effortless and seamless. Easily revert back to any previous version of your containers, without touching any code.

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How is a cookie different from a tag in Tag management services?

Tags are not cookies and cookies are not tags. Tags are a piece of code that resides in the head of the web pages. Their job is to drop cookies on the visitor’s devices. A tag can be used to set a cookie. Cookies are text-only

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How much does Tealium cost?

Tealium doesn’t reveal their pricing on their website. Though, they do offer 30-days free trial with no credit card requirement. Along with this free trial, you get access to their Learning committee and email

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How is Adobe Dynamic Tag management any different from a traditional Tag management service?

Formerly known as Satellite, Adobe DTM (dynamic tag management) is a tool that manages user-generated tags and provides features to collect and distribute data across digital marketing systems. It also enables the responsive

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What kind of tags can be used on a website using a tag management system?

A tag aka beacon or pixel is a small piece of code that provides useful insights. They help you track the activity of visitors on your website and report on or respond to their behaviors.There are a few types of tags:1.  

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Why should I use Tag Management tools?

The tags are nothing but a snippet of JavaScript code that performs a specific task for your website. These tags can be further utilized to collect analytics data, cookie a visitor that can be re-targeted later and improve your

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