Google Cloud Translation API

Google Cloud Translation API by Google
Price: $20 per 1,000,000 characters

Google Cloud Translation API lets you automatically translate text from one language to another. Users can use this to programmatically translate text in their web pages or apps. Google Cloud Translation API supports dozens of languages. It is highly responsive, so websites and applications can integrate seamlessly for fast, dynamic translation of source text from the source language to a target language. Language detection is also available In cases where the source language is unknown. The underlying technology is updated constantly to seamlessly improve translations and introduce new languages and language pairs.

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Are there any tools that can give your app multi language support?

Translation extensions are really useful, especially when we come across regional websites with native language content. Just with the click a button, enter the text you want to be translated and select the desired language — you

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  • Google Cloud


  • $20 per 1
    000 characters

Free Trial

Number of Characters

  • 0-1 Billion Characters

Number of Languages

  • 100+


Language Detection

Additional Features

  • Best fit for :
    Emails & articles
    Human-assisted localization and translation services
    Website translation
    Video livestream audio translation



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