RedisGreen by RedisGreen
Price: $14/month - $6995/month

RedisGreen provides dedicated isolated servers for hosting your Redis applications. With RedisGreen, your servers are 100% isolated and 100% dedicated. They monitor RedisGreen servers at the database, host, and network levels and have engineers on-call 24/7. If a problem occurs, they respond within minutes, not hours. You choose how many Availability Zones you want to use and RedisGreen will balance master/slave setups across them.

Get the most out of Redis with continuously collected health metrics and performance statistics for every command run on your server. RedisGreen is a managed Redis service that publicly documents all service interruptions and posts uptime percentages for the entire fleet of servers.

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What are some free redis hosting solutions available in the market?

Redis4You has a free plan which offers you 5MB of storage space, 16 databases, 5 connections, daily backups, a range of persistence options to choose from and a number of other features.Redis Cloud also offers a free plan that

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