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Toonimo simplifies the user experience with a digital concierge-like walkthrough experience. The visitors experience the website as if someone is sitting next to them and personally guiding them on how to complete a form or use a product or platform. Toonimo does this by adding an overly of human voice and graphic annotations. Their patent pending technology analyzes the page in real time, and constructs natural language sentences accordingly. Toonimo also offers a comprehensive analytics dashboard in order to track user engagement and conversions.

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Are there any free tools that can help me add a tutorial on my Website?

Be it recipes or a new product, a tutorial always makes things easier. Adding a tutorial or a walkthrough can prove very effective when it comes to customer satisfaction; first-time customers don’t feel frustrated or confused

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How much does Walkme cost?

Walkme doesnt reveal its pricing. Though it has been found that a few users who were quoted in 2016, said the cost of a minimum basic tier was $20k/year with around 100 users and a basic HTML application. For a quote on your custom pricing, you can get in touch with their Sales Rep.

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