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Iridize provides a feature-rich and fully-customizable walk-thru service that includes a welcome screen, auto-start and rich media capabilities, and branched walk-thrus. Iridize’s walk-thrus include a variety of usage rules that enable clients to control when different types of users will be shown the walk-thrus. Iridize also offers an easy-to-use editor that enables users to create walk-thrus without any programming knowledge. The Iridize editor is compatible with all modern browsers.

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Are there any free tools that can help me add a tutorial on my Website?

Be it recipes or a new product, a tutorial always makes things easier. Adding a tutorial or a walkthrough can prove very effective when it comes to customer satisfaction; first-time customers don’t feel frustrated or confused

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How much does Walkme cost?

Walkme doesnt reveal its pricing. Though it has been found that a few users who were quoted in 2016, said the cost of a minimum basic tier was $20k/year with around 100 users and a basic HTML application. For a quote on your custom pricing, you can get in touch with their Sales Rep.

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  • 30 Days

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  • Custom

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  • Unlimited

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