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Price: $499 (one-time) + Monthly Service Fee

Hotel Propeller is an all-in-one website solution designed to help hotels, bed and breakfasts, and resorts attract more guests and thrive on the web. They offer website templates crafted by web design professionals, a set of restaurant website management tools, and managed web hosting. A few key features of Hotel Propeller are Mobile Optimized platform, Manage updates, Online Booking, Accept payments and more.

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Best Website Builders for Bed and Breakfast and Boutique Hotels

The Hotel Website Builders today have become a prerequisite if you operate a hotel or a bed & breakfast- you understand how important it is to have a website not only to showcase your properties to potential renters and

Hotel Website Builder Tools
Build a website for your hotel or guesthouse using these tools

Making a hotel successful is mostly about offering great services, being responsive to the needs of the guests and lodgers, knowing when to get out of the way and knowing when to repeat your suggestions of trying out specialties

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  • Hotel Propeller
  • Hotel Propeller
  • Hotel Propeller


  • $499 (one-time) + $49/Month
  • $499 (one-time) + $79/Month
  • $499 (one-time) + $99/Month

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  • 30 Days
  • 30 Days

General Features

Online Marketing


Photo Management


Social media widgets

Mobile Payments

Design & Development

Website builder

Unlimited hosting

Mobile webpage

Website editorDashboard

Customisable templates

Reservation & Promotion

List FB

Manage Room Types


Packages Promotions

Booking form

Guest database

Hotel management systemReservation Manager

Support & Services


Phone Support

Live Chat

Email Support




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