Micro Focus

Micro Focus by Micro Focus
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Micro Focus is a data backup and recovery software that allows backups on-premises, cloud-only, on-premises to cloud-extension, or a hybrid configuration. It can manage up to 1 trillion unique filenames and up to 50k clients. It features bandwidth control to allow users to configure maximum allocated bandwidth for backups. The StoreOnce VSA feature enables federated data deduplication including app source, backup server & physical/virtual target system. It lets virtual machines to be restored as new instances without overwriting. Micro Focus provides you with integrated bare metal restore with enhanced automated disaster recovery. It has advanced analytics integration for operational intelligence to utilize backup resources in a better way. With VMware and Hyper-V, it offers hypervisor integration and array snapshot management for virtual apps. Its Backup Navigator provides with reporting, visualization and real-time operational analytics.

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