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KronosWorkforce is a cloud-based workforce management solution that offers consistent, real-time employee data and enterprise-class capabilities to small and midsized businesses. Its workforce management applications includes Kronos HRMS, Workforce Payroll, Timekeeper, Absence Manager, Scheduler and Workforce Talent Acquisition. Kronos Workforce Ready HR module includes employee records, performance management, asset management and compensation management. Its Timekeeping system gives you better insight into labour demands, worker availability, and scheduling across the organization. It also provides with one-click access to frequently used features and a customizable employee self-service portal. The Workforce Mobile is largely a derivative application that takes both the time/attendance and self-service functionalities of the PC-based modules and optimizes them for device-neutral mobile deployment. It also provides business intelligence & HR analytics through XML & SOAP APIs, ETL from Kronos database, workforce analytics DataMart, dashboard, 160 pre-defined metrics, and an analytics portal for Ad hoc queries and OLAP (online analytical processing). Its mobile app is available on Windows Mobile, and Apple and Android markets.

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How much does SuccessFactors cloud-based service cost?

SucessFactors, a SAP recruiting solution has tiered pricing for yearly subscriptions that starts at $85 per employee for companies with up to 100 employees. This yearly cost is equivalent to approximately $8 per employee per month and drops from there depending on the size of the user base.

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How much does Namely cost?

Namely, charges a monthly fee of $12 per employee. This monthly subscription does not involve any payroll services. Namely doesnt reveal any pricing or features as such, for complete details on this offering, you can get in touch with Namelys sales rep.

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How much does BambooHR cost?

BambooHR pricing plans start at $8 per employee per month but with a minimum spend of $99 a month. They also charge a one-time setup fee and is ideal for small businesses having a team of 10 employees or less.

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What are some good HR Management tools for my start-up?

As the size of your business grows, managing your human resources gets more and more complex. In such a situation you can count on Human Resource Management tools. These tools are cloud based services that maintain an employee

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