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Amazon Payments is a wholly owned subsidiary of that provides means to process transactions online. Launched in 2007, Amazon Payments uses the consumer base of and focuses on giving users the same checkout experience available on “”. It offers two different options for merchants: Checkout by Amazon and Amazon Simple Pay. Checkout by Amazon has the support for both standard and inline payment options. Both of these options can be used for customer payments on your website although the inline option is integrated in your store’s checkout flow. Amazon Simple Pay can be used to receive funds for digital products, games, donations, or other services. In order to complete a purchase using Amazon Payments customers will need to already have or be willing to sign up for an Amazon account. All major credit cards can be used in Amazon’s system if they’re connected to a U.S. billing address.

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Can the PayPals Rest API be used by Merchants in all countries?

Yes, the PayPals Rest API can be used by Merchant in 202 countries. It covers most of the countries and to be sure you may look up for your country here:

Payment Gateways (US) PayPal
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  • Amazon Payments

Setup Fees

Maintenance Charges

Payment Support

IVR Payment


Mobile Payment Support

  • Android

ACH Bank Transfer

Debit Cards

  • Processing Rate : 2.9%
    Per Transaction Fee : $0.30

Credit Cards

  • Processing Rate : 2.9%
    Per Transaction Fee : $0.30

JCB And Diner

  • Processing Rate : 2.9%
    Per Transaction Fee : $0.30


  • Processing Rate : 2.9%
    Per Transaction Fee : $0.30


  • Processing Rate : 2.9%
    Per Transaction Fee : $0.30


  • Processing Rate : 2.9%
    Per Transaction Fee : $0.30

EWallet Service

  • Wallet Widget

Gateway Features


  • Optional


PCI Compliant

API Integration

Automated Recurring Payments


  • Amazon Identity
    Inline Checkout
    Automatic recurring Payments
    Fraud Control
    20+ cart integrations
    Payment marks and buttons
    Mobile-friendly responsive widgets
    The Address Book widget
    Back-end service calls
    Wallet Widget
    Custom Integration

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