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Adobe's Livefyre is an all-new Experience Manager capability that lets you tap into everything shared on the web to create a constant flow of fresh and high-quality content on your own sites. Billions of pieces of social content are created every day. With Livefyre, you can tap into this source of authentic content from the very people who care about your business. How it works?

  • Find user-generated content that audiences trust.
  • Categorize, tag, and save that content.
  • Easily share content on your sites, without coding.
  • Involve audiences, build loyalty, and drive sales.
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What are some free tools that can integrate commenting systems into my website?

The audience’s comments are integral for any blogger or webmaster not just to know the perspective of their audience and to have a personal connection with them, but also to increase traffic on their websites. It not only helps

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Which commenting tool has a CMS integration with Joomla?

Disqus and Cackle have CMS integrations with Joomla. Disqus integrates the popular Disqus comments system & service into any Joomla based website. Disqus (pronounced as discuss) is a service and tool for web comments and

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Which commenting tools let me post my own Advertisements?

Disqus allows posting your own advertisements. Native advertising elements are placed around comments, and you have complete control over the type of advertisement best suited for your website. Advertisements are also responsive

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Which free commenting tool allows posting as guest?

Disqus allows posting as a guest under their free plan. It’s also important to know and understand the difference between guest commenting and anonymous commenting. Disqus allows guest commenting, without having to sign up or

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What HTML tags are allowed within my disqus comments?

Disqus allows most of the HTML tags in comments. Some of them are:1. Italic<em> 2. Strikethrough<s> 3. Break<br> 4. Anchor<a> 5. Bold<strong> 6. Quotation<blackquote> 7. Paragraph<p> 8.

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