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InsightSquared is a business intelligence tool that advertises itself as a small business productivity tool. It includes various plans which meet different user's needs. Its features list includes Sales analytics, financial analytics, service analytics, marketing analytics, accessing insights through 400 reports and real time data. Mobile access is supported on IOS and Android. 

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How much does InsightSquared Analytics Suite cost?

Yes, InsightSquared has a licensed-based model. Each license cost about $73 per user. Though, the customization cost to be calculated is significantly more complex than licensing cost. Most of the customization cost depends on functional requirements and specific needs.

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Create Dashboards

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Database data connectors

Other data connectors

Cloud Storage data connectors

Email Updates

Predictive Analysis

Create Models

Create custom apps

Number of data connectors

Data Management

Number of databases

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Edit Data

Meta data handling

Realtime data

Big Data analysis


Data Fusion

Multi-user features

User profiles

Account Manager

Multiuser account

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Interactive reports

Customize report design

White labelling

Visual aids

Dragdrop chart creation

Varied chart types

Data Analysis

Drill down ability

Dynamic Filtering

Data Security

Data privacy


Physical data security

Data encryption


Disaster recovery

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  • IOS and Android
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