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Minbox is a cloud based file sharing tool that unifies your cloud files. Minbox has easy drag and drop and can pause and resume file uploads independently. If you want to ensure your files aren't seen by the wrong person, you can lock the cover and require a password to view. All of Minbox is real-time, including comments. Engage others in conversation on a file or in a project. Or click on an image to leave an annotation.

Connect to your personal or business clouds, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, Slack and OneDrive with many more on the way. Once a cloud is connected, you can sync specific files or folders with your Minbox that you can then share with your colleagues or clients. Instantly search through all of your connected clouds in an aggregated search box. Find the files and folders you want without the usual hassle.

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Which service can I use to share large files?

For easy collaboration with your team and clients file sharing services will play an integral part. These online file sharing services enable you to rapidly send heavy files and create a collaborative workflow with your

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Is there any good alternative to WeTransfer?

Compared to WeTransfers free service, DropSend is a very easy-to-use free service that allows you to quickly send large files of up to 4 GB, which is twice the limit on WeTransfer. Though DropSend allows only 5 files per month

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Are there any good platforms that provide end-to-end encryption for file sharing?

There are a number of platforms that provide end-to-end encrypted file sharing. Tresorit provides end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service with easy, risk-free collaboration. It uses AES-256 encryption on the client

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Which free file sharing services allow sending large files of 10 GB or more?

Filemail and Infinit allow sending large files of 30 GB and 10 GB respectively. Filemail allows anyone to send up to 30 GB files for free. If you visit Filemail, all you have to do is type the recipients e-mail and

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  • $49/user/month

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