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Humanity helps you streamline business operations by optimizing employee scheduling, time tracking, vacation management & payroll. Humanity simplifies every facet of your employee management process. Whether you run a restaurant, retail shop, healthcare service, nonprofit, call center or any other business that relies heavily on hourly staff, Humanity is for you. Humanity syncs seamlessly with many of your favorite business applications and its native iOS and Android mobile apps allow you to manage your staff and create or edit work shifts and schedules from anywhere.


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Why is time tracking so important to any business? How can TMetric help a business save time as well as money?

Time tracking is a must-have for any business. If you add time entries manually, it takes you 15 minutes on average per every working day. It means you lose 66 hours per year! Recover this time with TMetric and get access to a

Time & Attendance Tracking Software TMetric
Can I input multiple billing rates using Hubstaff?

We do support bill rates on the user and project levels. More information on that in the link below:

Time & Attendance Tracking Software Hubstaff
Does Hubstaff support billing and invoicing?

Yes! Hubstaff does support invoicing. I've linked to support documents below, which explain this is more detail.

Time & Attendance Tracking Software Hubstaff
Can I input multiple billing rates using TopTracker?

Once you’ve enabled invoicing on your project, you can set individual hourly rates for each of your team members in the Manage Project modal found by hovering over any individual project on the Projects page.

Time & Attendance Tracking Software TopTracker
Does TopTracker support billing and invoicing?

Invoicing is available in Toptracker but we’ll only be creating invoices and sending them to external clients. They will have to pay out invoices on their own.  All billing settings can be set individually for each project

Time & Attendance Tracking Software TopTracker
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  • $2/user/month ($80 min)
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