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HuBuCo provides the fastest real time email verification API and bulk email verification service. HuBuco is not only famous for its super-fast system and reasonable prices but also for being the only email verification service, that guarantees 99%+ email delivery rate. HuBuCo is committed to delivering the highest quality email verification service with strict data protection policies set in place to protect our customers' data.

During email verification HuBuCo removes any duplicates from your file, checks email syntaxes, checks the email servers DNS, and creates an SMTP connection with the recipients' server to find out if the email accounts exists or not. All this is done without ever sending an email to your contacts.

You can upload your contacts in TXT, CSV or XLSX file and the results will be available to download in a standard CSV file. You can also send the files programmatically or you can program HuBuCo's single API into your system to verify email addresses in real time.

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Looking for some tools that can help me validate the email lists for my organisation?

Email list verification is about verifying an email list for its validity and deliver-ability. These help in analyzing each email ID for this purpose. Email list verification and validation helps in maintaining a good reputation

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  • From $15/month
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  • Up to 3
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