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Price: Free - $139/month

Snovio is the perfect solution for sales representatives, marketers, startups, recruiters and anyone else who needs email outreach. It helps you cut down the time it takes to find and collect leads or candidates. Find the people you need and bring your idea directly to their inbox!

Key Features:

  • Get fast access to email addresses along with names and job positions from various domains. Use them to find contacts and get connected.
  • Find and save email addresses of LinkedIn users! Either do a bare search on LinkedIn or use the Prospect Search Tool, to find just the profiles you're seeking.
  • Explore the amazing company information database our program uncovers! With this, you'll contact just the right person in the right department.
  • Use the email sending feature to send messages to a list of prospects you get with the domain search on a website absolutely free!
  • Check what CMS, marketing, web frameworks, software, analytics and ecommerce tools are used by businesses.
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Looking for some tools that can help me validate the email lists for my organisation?

Email list verification is about verifying an email list for its validity and deliver-ability. These help in analyzing each email ID for this purpose. Email list verification and validation helps in maintaining a good reputation

Email List Validator
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  • Free
  • $19/month
  • $49/month
  • $79/month
  • $139/month

Free Trial


Bulk Verification

Real Time Verification


Blacklist Tracking

Mobile Optimisation


Additional Features

  • 100 verified LinkedIn emails
    100 domain searches
    50 bulk domain searches
    Upload & verify 200 of your own email addresses
  • 1000 verified LinkedIn emails
    1000 domain searches
    500 bulk domain searches
    Upload & verify 2000 of your own email addresses
  • 5000 verified LinkedIn emails
    5000 domain searches
    2500 bulk domain searches
    Upload & verify 10000 of your own email addresses
  • 25000 verified LinkedIn emails
    25000 domain searches
    12500 bulk domain searches
    Upload & verify 50000 of your own email addresses
  • 50000 verified LinkedIn emails
    50000 domain searches
    25000 bulk domain searches
    Upload & verify 100000 of your own email addresses






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