Qualys by Qualys
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Qualys gives you a single, interactive console for web app vulnerability detection (WAS) and attack protection (WAF) for seamless identification and mitigation of risks, for a dozen apps or thousands. You scan web apps using WAS, deploy virtual patches for vulnerabilities in WAF and manage it all from a centralized portal. With no special hardware to buy nor maintain, WAF can be quickly deployed for apps on public or private clouds, and scaled quickly. Application traffic stays in your environment to minimize latency and maintain control. Virtual machine images of WAF appliances can be deployed alongside web applications using VMware vCenter, Hyper-V or Amazon EC2 AMI.

WAF gives you complete visibility into its data for continuous monitoring, risk assessments and remediation paths. A dashboard summarizes website traffic information and security event trends. Detailed threat information lets you assess severity and adjust security settings. You can search for suspicious activity and drill down into threat data to gain actionable insights.

WAF protects your web apps with strong security policies backed by Qualys’ security intelligence and one-click responses to events. You can address specific application security needs with simple, customizable and reusable policies and custom rules. WAF comes with out-of-the-box policies for popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Outlook Web Application.

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