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Zoho Bug Tracker is an online bug-tracking and issue management software that lets you submit, organize and track bugs. Its bug tracking system automates bugs according to the custom project workflows, business rules and classifications. The business rules can be defined in a library which gets triggered when an update is made to the bug. The Bugs View provides a consolidated view to keep track of all bugs that needs to be fixed. It provides with a Kanban view that is a view of bugs as cards in different columns where each column corresponds to a bug status. The Milestones view monitors, schedule and control the project's progress. This tool allows you to filter bugs based on users, modules and export them in desired formats. It lets you add intuitive tag labels for project files for a better search. The Upload Statistics feature provides a graphical view of files uploaded into the documents area based on folder and users. It also has a support for GitHub and BitBucket for additional functionality.

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Bugs/Defects are the system faults and failures that need to be identified & corrected/removed for smooth functioning. Bug tracking software organizes bugs, helps teams collaborate, and helps you manage your project to meet

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