Price: Free - $2/10000 website screenshots provides real-time screenshots of websites. It is a great website snapshot generator that streams screenshots as soon as you request them. There are also more advanced options which let you resize the image by specifying the width, as well as how many pixels of the original website you want to crop.

Key features:

Fast: streams the initial render as an animated GIF, so your users get content fast. Existing screenshot services make your users wait 10-20 seconds while they hit your URL, wait for it to load, take a screenshot, process it, and send it back to you. responds immediately with a few frames of a loading spinner.

Reliable: Because streams the website snapshot, it can afford to wait an extra few seconds to make sure its capturing a full load of every website. You don't have to worry about getting a snapshot taken before your existing onLoad JavaScript completes, your video banner loads, or even a Flash file finishes rendering.

Secure: Every app is different, so offers many options to secure the requests for your account. If you want something simple, you can authenticate by referer. If you want something more secure, you can accept signed requests that have a custom expiry time. 

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