VNC Connect

VNC Connect by RealVNC
Price: Free - Custom

VNC Connect is a simple and secure remote access and support software, suitable for a wide range of applications, platforms and industries. It is essentialy a screen sharing software that enables you to solve problems, help people and work remotely. VNC Connect has device access and instant support capabilities built-in, so a single subscription enables remote access and support for your entire organization.

Key features:

  • Decrease support call repeat rates, call handling time and on-site travel costs.
  • Reduce the need for specialized training and documentation for remote support.
  • Provide engaging, real-time service that improves employee and customer satisfaction.
  • Anticipate and prevent system failures and the risk associated with on-site service.
  • Avoid downtime with faster problem identification and resolution.
  • Support business and compliance objectives with audit and security functionality.
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