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Professional relationships form every day. They are the lifeblood of business and critical to our success. They grow and evolve. Some are steady and with you for a lifetime, others last only for a fleeting moment as they fly by in a Tweet or an email. A few start at work and become personal or vice-versa. And who is important today will be different next week or next year.

As technology has evolved and the number of ways we communicate has expanded, our networks have grown beyond what we can possibly keep track of on our own. We may have tens of thousands of contacts squirreled away in email and social feeds. And, at work we meet at least one new person per day. Double or triple that if you are in sales or any client-facing role.

Unfortunately all of the important stuff about our relationships — our "relationship gold" is trapped. It's trapped in our email, meetings, phone calls, notes, documents and our work software too — and spread across a dozen apps or more. Leaving us with lots of manual work to stitch it together in a meaningful way. And no easy way to keep on top of it all without a roomful of assistants briefing you on what you need to know today, reminding you where you left off and when to follow-up.

Cloze is a step forward. Beyond the old address book that, even as an app, is just a collection of names and numbers. Beyond empty boxes like CRM that view people only as transactions that can be "won" or "lost". Cloze was founded to unlock your "relationship gold". Cloze has been designed to be automatic and smart. It eliminates the busy-work you hate and brings data science to your relationships to give you an edge and make your day a little less hectic.

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Who are the target customers of Vtiger and why should they use it?

Target customers: Vtiger CRM is an easy to use, fully customizable CRM software specially designed for small and medium sized businesses. Any business that wants to better manage customer data, accelerate sales process, and excel

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How is Vtiger different from its competitors?

This question is hard to answer without considering which competitor we’re talking about.But we can answer why Vtiger CRM is so uniquely positioned. Long History, started in 2004It gave us the luxury of several iterations to

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  • $19.99/user/month

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