Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing Platform

Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing Platform by Rocket Fuel
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In a world of ever-proliferating data and increasing pressure to create more conversions with less budget, Rocket Fuel’s Programmatic Marketing Platform helps marketers and their agencies connect with consumers at key moments of influence to increase performance, awareness, and lift via either managed or self-service.

The Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing Platform offers both a Data Management Platform (DMP) and a Demand Side Platform (DSP), both of which can work with clients’ CRM and Marketing platforms alone or combined to offer a more robust marketing solution. The Platform learns from each moment of customer interaction to deliver and optimize media spend to engage, upsell, and retarget consumers across addressable programmatic channels including display, video, mobile, and social—simultaneously.

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What is Ad Retargeting? How effective is it?

Ever wondered how ads of a certain website that you looked at suddenly show up when you surf on other websites when that never happened before? Although it gives the impression that the site is stalking you, it runs on a simple

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