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Email is probably the most powerful and widely used business to business communication tool. Using it for sales is obvious but there are many things that sales professionals need from their email solution. Tellwise provides some of the most comprehensive email management features for sales professionals in the industry.

Key features:

  • Tellwise is the only sales acceleration software designed to bring email to the places that you already work like, Gmail, Outlook, RainKing, DiscoverOrg and more. Tellwise provides an integrated approach that allows sales professionals to create and react to email from the tools where they spend most of their time.
  • Tracking when and where an email is opened is critical to determine the overall success rate of your sales messaging. It also gives sales professionals the ability to interact with customer by calling them when they are thinking about your content. Tellwise tracks all emails and provides information in real time when a buyer opens the email and includes location and device information as well.
  • You send your customers a lot of content but what do they actually read? How do you save that information into your CRM system so its available in the future?. The answer from Tellwise is to do it automatically. All link clicks are automatically tracked no matter where they are going and automatically updated into CRM.
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Which email clients are supported by MailTrack?

Currently, Mailtrack only integrates with Gmail. It helps you know when your emails are opened.

Email Tracking Tools
What security measures does MailTrack take to ensure privacy?

Mailtrack ensures that your data remains secure and your emails private.Key security features:Mailtrack runs on completely automated software, so no one at Mailtrack can have access to your emails.The permissions that Mailtrack

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Which email clients are supported by Mixmax?

As of now, Mixmax is available as an extension for Google Chrome and can only be used with Gmail. However, Mixmax's support team has publicly stated that an Outlook integration is definitely in the works.

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What security measures does Mixmax take to ensure privacy?

Mixmax helps you create and send smarter email. All emails are sent via the Gmail API directly, just like the mail client on your phone. And Mixmax uses the same standard SSL encryption as Gmail. It uses OAuth so it

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Which email clients are supported by ContactMonkey?

ContactMonkey offers Outlook email tracking and Gmail email tracking that is built into your Outlook or Gmail inbox so you can start tracking emails with the programs you already use. By finding out who's opening your emails and

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