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Reduce the risk of downtime and proactively manage network issues before they affect users and customers with HelpSystems. Get immediate visibility into device performance.

When there’s trouble on the network, from an overloaded switch to a failed router, IT has no time to waste. Every passing second equals lost user productivity and business. But without network visibility, trying to identify culprit devices becomes one long, frustrating rabbit trail.

As your network grows, manual management becomes impossible. Optimal network performance requires 24/7 monitoring of every physical and virtual device, application, and system running on your network. Network monitoring solutions makes this process faster, easier, and more effective.

Solve network issues before users or customers notice there’s a problem. With enterprise network monitoring solutions, network administrators and engineers have constant awareness of what “normal” looks like. Visual maps guide IT teams straight to issues. Alerts help you spot issues before they get worse. The ability to map and monitor all your distributed technology helps you maintain smooth network performance—saving your organization time and money.

Key features:

  • High-speed polling of the network allows you to know what’s happening now, not two hours ago.
  • Monitor all your core equipment, from physical and virtual devices to servers to applications. If it has an IP address, we can monitor it.
  • 200 devices today could become 2,000 tomorrow. Monitor them all with a solution that can scale as you grow.
  • Keep a close eye on the network no matter where you are with remote monitoring solutions that jive with you and your team’s mobile lifestyle. 
  • Live network maps show you exactly where the problems are, so you can fix them fast. When you're proactive about problem-solving, your customers and users will thank you.
  • Cut remediation time from hours to seconds. Intermapper interfaces with Automate, our IT automation solution, for seamless self-healing.
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