Coralogix by Coralogix
Price: Starting from $15/month

Coralogix is a machine learning powered log analytics solution aimed to solve the problem of unmanageable log data.

Open source code and cloud computing lowered the bar for small and medium companies to create large scale production environments serving millions of clients. But with that amazing ability came the task of maintaining those production systems and managing the data that they emit.

Until today, companies in the log management market focused on indexing and visualizing data, but the problem of simply having too many logs to handle remained, leaving companies not knowing what to search, where to search and most of all, when to search. 

Coralogix automatically clusters millions of log records back into their patterns and finds connections between those patterns to form the baseline flows of each software individually, thus helping companies to get a hold of their log data and proactively solve their production problems.

Key features:

  • Your logs can be powerful, do more than just index them. Coralogix's AI clusters your logs into patterns and flows to provide real-time insights.
  • Coralogix maps your software flows, automatically detects production problems and delivers pinpoint insights.
  • Coralogix’s Loggregation automatically clusters your log data back into its original patterns so you can view hours of data in seconds.
  • Use Coralogix or our hosted Kibana to query your data, view your live log stream, and define your dashboard widgets for maximum control over your data.
  • Coralogix offers a wide set of seamless integrations. Do it yourself, or signup and book your free implementation session.
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