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Turn your social media data into actionable insights by benchmarking your advertising spend, gathering competitive intelligence, and monitoring business performance across organic and paid social media with Socialbakers. Listen to your audiences to personalize content or measure the sentiment around your brand.

View your ad spend performance across industries, countries or regions to make smarter advertising budget investments. Understand your performance in context by measuring yourself against the deepest set of industry and competitor benchmarks on organic and paid social media.

Benchmark your advertising spend on social media to see where you stand in the market across the key metrics of total ad spend, advertising engagement, ad costs and content performance. Make your advertising strategy decisions based on up-to-date data and know with certainty that your paid social media efforts are creating a market impact.

Compare the performance of up to 10 social media profiles at once and see how you stack up against your competitors. Have complete overview reports ready for your meetings within seconds and adjust your strategy based on data-driven insights to ensure you’re reaching your audience effectively.

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How much does Simply Measured cost?

Simply Measured don't reveal their pricing on their website. After going through third-party sources, it was found that Simply Measured offers three plans -Social plan which starts from $500 per monthAdvanced plan which starts

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  • Socialbakers
  • Socialbakers


  • From $20/profile/month
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  • On Request

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  • 5-20 social media profiles
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    20 user seats
  • Up to 20 profiles
    20+ user seats

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