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Showcase and sell your services and products online. PaySimple makes it easy to generate registrations, appointments, and new business from your website or social media pages. It's the most flexible payment acceptance platform. Collect credit card and e-check payments online, over-the-phone, in person with desktop or mobile Point-of-Sale, or with Recurring Billing & Invoicing. Provide a top-notch, mobile-friendly experience to customers while capturing important order history, profile, registration, and appointment details in one powerful customer management engine.

Providing services means building a business based on trust and relationships. But, it can also mean being extremely flexible to meet customers' payment needs. Discover the most flexible, omni-channel billing and payment solution.

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Is Subscription Billing Supported by any Payment Gateway in India?

Razorpay has launched recurring billing as of November 2016, It started as an invite only service and I am not sure if it is widely available yet. You can read more about it here:

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How much does Zuora cost?

Zuora offers 30-days free trail that allows businesses to customize product and rate plans, provide accounting applications and automated revenue recognition. Post this free trail period, businesses can define one-time or

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Which payment gateways are supported by Chargify?

Chargify utilizes payment profile feature to securely store your customer’s data. This feature needs to be enabled on your account while signing up for a gateway. It supports following payment gateways:1.    Braintree2.

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Which subscription billings tools allow offline payments?

Chargify, Chargebee, Zuora, and Aria allow offline payments via cash, cheques or other means of offline payments. Offline payments allow merchants to track payments made via cash, checks, bank transfers, at the desk,

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How can I avoid chargebacks in my subscription business?

A chargeback occurs when a cardholder calls his/her card issuer to dispute the charge on his/her account. If one of your customers files a dispute, you’ll get a notice from your acquiring bank that a chargeback is pending. You

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