GoodHire by GoodHire
Price: Starting from $29.99

GoodHire is a mission-led company dedicated to rehumanizing the process of employment and community screening, ensuring companies and candidates alike are treated fairly and with respect. GoodHire is built on a belief in transparency, accuracy, compliance, and dedicated to trust and safety in all types of screening. It delivers reliable, customized services that enable employers hire quickly and safely while building a positive candidate experience.

Key features:

  • Gets the candidate’s consent and any other necessary information
  • Keeps you updated on the results as each part of the background check finishes
  • Gives your candidates a copy of their own background check so they can review the results
  • Encourages candidates to add context about criminal records or other alerts directly into the results
  • Constantly researches compliance requirements and keep you up to date on any changes through our in-house compliance team
  • Helps candidates quickly address any inaccuracies, so hiring won’t be delayed
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