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TrendKite lets you measure PR’s brand and bottom line impact with tangible, cutting-edge PR Analytics, leverage accurate, comprehensive data to monitor trends and shape PR strategy, and turn media dashboards into beautiful, interactive reports that resonate with executives.

Brand mentions don't equal brand equity. Its PR Measurement software quantifies true brand impact with three-dimensional metrics that get to how people feel about your brand and how top of mind you are.

TrendKite's media monitoring tools provide a single, comprehensive view of your coverage across media types like traditional news, blogs, print, broadcast, radio, and even premium paywall subscriptions. TrendKite's media monitoring pulls from millions of national and international sources and spans years of media coverage, so you’re able to analyze historical data from day one.

With TrendKite, generating beautiful, interactive PR reports for actionable media analysis has been reduced to a single click which you can share as an interactive report, or export to PDF.

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What is Brand24 and how can it help your business?

Brand24 provides instant access to online mentions. You can get customer feedback, grow your business and improve customer satisfaction. In other words, whenever somebody talks about your brand publically on the web - we let you

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How much does Cision PR software cost?

As per the stats of 2016, Cision charges around $7000/year for a single license to access its media database for its PR software. Cision no longer provide any fixed amount for a single license and any query related to the cost can be enquired by filling out a request form.

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