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Lead411's proprietary process combines crowdsourcing, verification technology and personal oversight to provide the most accurate data available. Its team oversees the contacts, companies, and corporate news that is added to its database each day.

Lead411's goal is to decrease your data research hours by giving you information of the highest possible quality, content and scope. To ensure that it meets all of your data and information needs, it provides lead intelligence on sales triggers, business email lists with only a 5% bounce rate, company and people information including email addresses and phone numbers, president and executive biographies as well as news alerts for sales professionals.

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Has LinkedIn Sales Navigator partnered with Leadfeeder?

LinkedIn has announced that this year it is going to team up with Leadfeeder.LinkedIn Sales Navigator grants its users access to a 590M+ member network. Now, its partnership with Leadfeeder will allow professionals to build

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What is the pricing for Datanyze?

Datanyze pricing plan is as follows:Standard Plan: Starting at $600/monthPro Plan: Starting at $1200/monthEnterprise Plan: By Quote, as per the requirement

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What pricing model does Zoominfo have?

According to 2016 figures, one seat was priced at $4900 with a 5,000 credit plan. You can get in touch with their sales reps to get a particular quote for your specific requirement. It has been estimated that price per seat has only gone up in 2017.

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