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Focus School Software provides school districts with scalable and flexible solutions that meet today’s information demands. Focus School Software provides school districts with scalable and flexible solutions that meet the information demands of today and anticipate future needs.

Focus School Software knows that the goal of using an SIS isn’t only to collect student data and submit reports. The goal is to use the technology to identify patterns and trends so educators can make informed decisions to improve student progress.

At the heart of Focus SIS is student demographics. All modules feed from the data that is collected on each student within the district. Focus provides an online registration component that includes the ability to create and edit your own online application. This includes all available student fields, customized to the district’s needs.

The Focus Solution is a student-centric SIS that will allow administrators, teachers, parents, and students to focus on what matters - a quality education that prepares students to excel in today’s competitive global community.

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