eSchoolPLUS by PowerSchool
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eSchoolPLUS is a student information system that actually manages student information for the unique needs of districts. With a superior user interface, eSchoolPLUS makes it easier to manage the entire flow of district information including demographics, scheduling, attendance, discipline, testing, report cards, and transcripts. eSchoolPLUS is completely supported from installation through implementation and beyond. This includes membership in user groups, collaboration between districts, and influence to help create the solution your district needs.

With eSchoolPLUS, all stakeholders can collaborate on how a student progresses through their entire educational career. From schedules and classes, to graduation progress, a student's achievement can be tracked and measured. eSchoolPLUS offers direct access for administrators, teachers, parents, and students at home or on the go. By making it easier to connect, eSchoolPLUS helps facilitate the conversations that contribute to academic and district success.

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