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Deliver convenient, secure access to your extended enterprise with RSA SecurID Access, the leading multi-factor authentication and identity assurance solution. Whether you deploy it “as a service” in the cloud or on premises, RSA SecurID Access protects both SaaS applications and traditional enterprise resources with a full range of authentication methods and dynamic, risk-driven access policies.

Whether you need two-factor authentication (2FA), multi-factor authentication (MFA) or mobile MFA, RSA offers a wide range of authentication methods including push notifications, SMS, OTP, biometrics, and hardware, software and FIDO tokens. And whether you want to deploy on premises or go with a SaaS option, RSA SecurID Access has you covered.

Provide invisible yet effective continuous authentication by leveraging identity analytics in real time to pinpoint when step-up authentication is needed and by allowing users to authenticate with the methods that are most convenient for them and most secure for the business.

Bridge islands of identity with a centralized, consistent approach to managing user access to all of your corporate resources for all of your users from any device located inside or outside the network.

Efficiently configure access requirements and automate access decisions based on risks associated with the areas users operate in, their physical location, application sensitivity, session and network information, and device type—along with many other factors that are evaluated in real time.

Speed user access to applications with a frictionless user experience, enabling the business to get more done. With RSA SecurID Access, you can deploy the SaaS apps business users want quickly—and do it securely, to keep the business safe. Flexible deployment options simplify IT’s workload and speed onboarding, so users can easily access everything they need.

Support your organization’s cloud roadmap and adoption plan with an authentication solution that protects access to a range of leading SaaS applications, promotes cloud security and provides a SaaS deployment option.

Existing RSA Authentication Manager customers can easily migrate RSA SecurID token users to advanced mobile authentication options (such as push notification) and allow them to use a single authenticator to access both on-premises and cloud applications on all the major mobile platforms (iOS, Android™ and Microsoft Windows®). And with new API support for third-party SSO providers, organizations can use RSA SecurID Access with their existing SSO platform.

Leverage the power of RSA’s 30+ years of experience, 500+ RSA Ready partners, and over 25,000 customers to protect your most valuable resources end-to-end. RSA is the best-in-class choice for a modern authentication strategy that provides the right people with the right access from anywhere on any device.

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