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Identity-as-Service ("IDaaS") is a cloud-based service that provides a set of identity and access management functions to target systems on customers' premises and/or in the cloud. According to Gartner, IDaaS functionality includes:

  • Identity governance and administration ("IGA") — this includes the ability to provision identities held by the service to target applications
  • Access — this includes user authentication, Single Sign-on (SSO), and authorization enforcement
  • Intelligence — this includes logging events and providing reporting that can answer questions such as “who accessed what, and when?

Centrify provides an IDaaS solution that addresses all these functions. A unique capability of the Centrify IDaaS solution is the ability to choose where to store the directory — either on-premises or in the cloud.  Centrify calls this “identity where you want it.”

Centrify integrates the Centrify Cloud with Active Directory or LDAP without poking extra holes in the firewall or adding devices in the DMZ. Unlike other solutions, Centrify does not add the security risk of duplicating Active Directory or LDAP into the cloud, and thus maintains an organization's identity inside its on-premises directory service (Active Directory or LDAP) and under its own control.

The Centrify IDaaS solution can also support cloud-based directories, such as the Google Directory or the Centrify Cloud Directory. By supporting both on-premises and cloud-based directories, companies get the maximum flexibility to manage identities that best meet their security and productivity requirements.

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