PayUbiz by PayU
Price: INR 4900 (one-time setup fee) + Transaction Fee

PayUbiz is an intelligent payment gateway solution that constantly solves difficult product and operational problems so that your business can continue to focus on building great products. Android and iOS apps that enhance user's experience are available.

With the growing presence of online retailers and an average customer’s intent to transact online more often, the number of transactions done per card has increased considerably. The customer has to enter the card number, expiry and CVV – which requires the customer to either memorize these or take the card with him all the time and take it out to enter data. Entering the same set of numbers every single time is a tedious experience for the customer who has already invested some efforts in selecting the right product and going through the merchant website.

To overcome this, PayUbiz offers its merchants a comprehensive card vault feature. It is a robust, secure and easy-to-use solution using which the merchant can save the customer card details in PayUbiz Database (on customer’s approval) and allows the customer to complete the recurring transactions using just the CVV number and 3-D bank authentication.

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Which Payment Gateway has the lowest transaction cost?

Razorpay and Citrus Pay have the lowest transaction fee in the market. The transaction fee is an important factor when choosing the payment gateway for your online store, thus the payment gateway industry has huge competition

Payment Gateways in India
Which Payment Gateway is Easiest to Integrate?

Razorpay is one of the easiest payment gateways to integrate. You can register on their website, fill out the required details and upload necessary documents and they will contact you regarding additional requirements, if any,

Payment Gateways in India
Are there any payment gateways in India that have no setup fees and no subscription fees?

YES!Check out Instamojo.comNo set-up or maintenance charges. Instamojo only charges a flat transaction fee on every sale. Sign up in two minutes and youre set. You can collect payments by sharing a simple payment link with

Payment Gateways in India
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Setup Cost

  • INR 4900
  • INR 9900
  • INR 14900
  • INR 19900 (one-time setup fee)

Yearly Maintenance

  • INR 2400/year
  • INR 2400
  • INR 2400
  • INR 2400

Transaction Fee

  • 0.75%-3.70%
  • 0.75%-3.45%
  • 0.75%-3.25%
  • 0.75%-3%

International Transaction

  • NA
  • NA
  • 3% + INR 6.00

Payment Types

Credit Card

Debit Card



Apple Pay

Android Pay

Processing Charges

MasterCard Visa

  • 2.95%
  • 2.7%
  • 2.5%
  • 2.25%

American Express

  • 3.7%
  • 3.45%
  • 3.25%
  • 3%


Debit Cards

  • 0.75% (transaction value <= 2000)
    1% (transaction value > 2000)
  • 0.75% (transaction value <= 2000)
    1% (transaction value > 2000)
  • 0.75% (transaction value <= 2000)
    1% (transaction value > 2000)
  • 0.75% (transaction value <= 2000)
    1% (transaction value > 2000)

Net Banking

  • 2.95%
  • 2.70%
  • 2.50%
  • 2.25%

Security Features

Credit Card Vault

Fraud Protection

PCI Compliant

PCI Compliance Required

Two Factor Authentication

SSL Support

Other Features

Multiple Currency Support

Mobile Optimization

Refund Payments

Money Transfer Duration

Create Invoices



Developer Information



Developer Libraries and Examples

Third Party Plugins

  • All
  • All
  • All
  • All

Support & Documentation

Knowledge Base

API Documentation

Live Chat

E mail Support

Telephone Support

Twenty four hour Support

Recurring & Checkout

Hosted Checkout

Recurring Payments


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