SalesWarp by SalesWarp
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SalesWarp's cloud-based software seamlessly syncs all sales channels, whether online or in-store, and optimizes fulfillment operations so that sellers of every size can focus on what they do best – growing their businesses while providing great service to satisfied customers.

Through a user-friendly dashboard, retail managers can view the status of their entire inventory, ordering, and shipping operations in real time with SalesWarp, providing ease of tracking and enhanced customer service. All product delivery options are analyzed, automated, and executed for maximum speed, reduced errors, and cost efficiency, while giving customers the most personalized shopping experience possible in today’s hyper-competitive, hyper-connected retail environment.

SalesWarp’s multi-channel order management software enables retailers to break free from the need for complicated and time-consuming spreadsheets and multiple software applications to run their sales, inventory, and fulfillment operations.

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