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To draw audiences day after day, you need more than just a great story—you need scalable and sustainable processes. Many companies use Skyword’s content marketing software, freelance community, and services to build an engine for sustained creation and distribution of original content to reach, engage, convert, and support a loyal audience.

Create content that inspires action and captures the essence of your company story. Do it to the tune of dozens of blog posts, emails, or videos every month across your global organization. Skyword processes and tools can free your most brilliant creatives and influencers to do their best work. The Skyword Platform helps your content creators evaluate their work according to your standards. Content optimization tools are built into the platform, including search optimization, spelling and grammar, readability scores, and similar or duplicate content detection alerts. Today, web content management is as much about content version control as it is about keeping your web presence orderly. Skyword gets content versioning right, with clear, color-coded, historical views of content changes. Help your content team understand what they did, when.

The best marketers are as much librarian as storyteller, gathering and organizing articles, photos, video footage, eBooks, and infographics so they’re up-to-date and ready for discovery. Skyword Digital Asset Manager is a powerful, scalable, secure infrastructure for making all your assets available to everyone on your content team.

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How much does Ceros cost?

Ceros doesn't reveal their pricing on their website. As suggested by few third-party sources, Ceros' pricing is estimated to start from $3000 per month.

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