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Uberflip helps you create remarkable content experiences for every stage of the buyer journey. Through various tools, marketers can build amazing experiences around their content to promote engagement and generate leads. As a marketer, you have the control over your content. All areas of your business can access your content library allowing you to ensure that the content going out to customers and prospects is up-to-date and branded. Pull all of your content into one central location for better management. No longer manage your videos on one site, social on another, and blogs on one more. With Uberflip, all your content is easily managed in one dashboard. Create better experiences around your content for increased engagement. Take the insights you gather with Uberflip and optimize your future content to be more in line with what your readers want, presented in the way they want to consume.

  • Build beautiful Content Hubs that are optimized for engagement. By creating a better experience around your content, your readers are more likely to stick around and convert.
  • Increase conversions with strategically placed CTAs. With two types of CTAs, you can either direct traffic to certain pages of your Hub or website or collect visitor information with a form sent to your marketing automation platform.
  • Never send your visitors off page to collect their information again! With Uberflip’s integrations, you can collect data right within your Hub and send it back to your MAP.
  • Flipbooks turn your static PDFs into interactive pieces of content. Add elements to your Flipbooks, like social buttons, videos, or custom pieces of code, to make your content more engaging.
  • Uberflip integrates with all of your favorite tools and services.
  • Get actionable insights into your content marketing efforts. See what’s working both in depth and at-a-glance to make decisions on how to enhance your strategies.
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How much does Ceros cost?

Ceros doesn't reveal their pricing on their website. As suggested by few third-party sources, Ceros' pricing is estimated to start from $3000 per month.

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