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Percolate powers successful multi-channel marketing. From giving you global visibility across initiatives down to measuring individual campaign impact, Percolate helps you see, organize, and improve everything marketing makes.

View all of your marketing in a single place. Percolate is the central location to track and manage every marketing activity — across channels, teams, and markets. See a snapshot of your entire marketing and customize your view according to strategic initiatives such as campaign or channel performance.Align every team, region, and brand in one marketing calendar to increase campaign coordination. 

The average global brand creates over 1,000 briefs a year, but has no central place to track all of them. Briefs facilitate campaign planning, but also act as extensions of your marketing strategy — the bridge between brand strategy and creative executions. See all briefs in one place with up-to-date details on every marketing activity. Bring teams agencies, and brands together to plan and execute campaigns for joint accountability. Replicate success with campaign templates, allowing you to standardize your strategy, creative production, and task management.

Replicate success with campaign templates, allowing you to standardize your strategy, creative production, and task management. Remove silos and connect social to the rest of your marketing for complete visibility across every initiative. Provide your social team with everything they need to drive brand and sales growth in one place. Execute brand marketing and manage social customer care in a single platform to turn every interaction into a deeper relationship with your brand.

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How much does Ceros cost?

Ceros doesn't reveal their pricing on their website. As suggested by few third-party sources, Ceros' pricing is estimated to start from $3000 per month.

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