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Pipeliner CRM is CRM software designed to actually empower sales professionals. A CRM system is only as good as the way it presents data for salespeople and sales management to use—not everyone has the same requirements and preferences. For that reason, it gives you multiple ways to view your data. With Pipeliner CRM, you can continue work right within Gmail or Outlook email platforms, while viewing and using all Pipeliner CRM data.

Pipeliner was designed for the precise purpose of being customizable to a company's sales process. Within minutes, Pipeliner is instantly adaptable to a company's specific sales process stages. If a sales process changes down the line (which often happens with a dynamic sales process) it can be immediately updated. In addition to all the powerful Pipeliner reporting features that users have come to count on, Pipeliner has now added a whole new dimension: Advanced Reporting. This feature allows you to you combine any record type (opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts, products, feeds, notes, activities) or report type (standard or pivot) into one single report, using our new Report Builder. With Pipeliner Performance Insights you can instantly see how sales is performing using using 5 Key Performance Indicators: Deal Created, Deals Converted, Lost Deals, Value of Won Deals, and Value of Lost Deals. You can even see your own results and see how well you are performing. It’s easy to compare the performance of your salespeople—simply select the KPIs that you are interested in, and turn on the graph view for the individuals or sales units you want to compare.

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  • $35/user/month (billed yearly)
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