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Pipedrive  is a sales management tools that gets your sales organised. Because you cannot control outcomes, only your activities, Pipedrive helps you plan your actions so that no deal falls through the cracks. Pipedrive will track everything about your deals, from the conversations you’ve had to all the people involved in them. Its visual pipeline lets you intuitively understand where all your deals are and move them forward toward a win. With plans in place and your sales organised, you can execute with confidence, knowing that you’re working smarter, not just harder.

Pipedrive is built around a proven sales pipeline management methodology. The primary view is the pipeline, a clear visual interface that prompts you to take action, remain organised and stay in control of a complex sales process. In the pipeline view, deals are categorised by sales stage. This feature allows your team to develop a clear understanding of your sales momentum and priorities, and refocus efforts accordingly. Your pipeline is fully customisable to fit your unique sales process. Add as many sales stages, team members or activity types as you need. Give each stage an appropriate name and start completing actions. If there are features you feel you don’t need right now, you can turn them off and on as you wish.

The statistics tool is perfect for quickly getting to the heart of questions you ask every day. It  shows you the health of your pipeline, and which stages need improvement. Apply relevant filters to access in-depth and personalised analysis of your sales pipeline, delivered in seconds. Adding deals, contacts or activities to your pipeline is smooth with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface and foolproof menus. The visual layout of Pipedrive ensures salespeople have the visibility they need at all times, and in all places. 

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Who are the target customers of Vtiger and why should they use it?

Target customers: Vtiger CRM is an easy to use, fully customizable CRM software specially designed for small and medium sized businesses. Any business that wants to better manage customer data, accelerate sales process, and excel

CRM Software Vtiger
How is Vtiger different from its competitors?

This question is hard to answer without considering which competitor we’re talking about.But we can answer why Vtiger CRM is so uniquely positioned. Long History, started in 2004It gave us the luxury of several iterations to

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  • $15/user/month
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  • $59/user/month

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Task Management

Quotes Management

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Lead Routing

Case Management

Inventory Management

Workflow Approval Management


Custom Branding

Custom Pipeline Stages

Custom Fields

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Email Insights

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Mass Email

Email Templates

Email Scheduling

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Team Messages

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Chrome Extension

Schedule Reports


Sales Reporting

Multiple Sandboxes

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