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Solve your project management complications with Workzone - a simple, yet powerful solution. When everyone's on board, the right projects get done faster and with fewer conflicts. Get your whole team on the same page, working together towards your project goal. Sound impossible? Not with this project management software. Faster results, fewer errors. Workzone notifies teams of when tasks are done so you can move on to the next. What’s the status? Workzone shares top-level reports so everyone knows where projects and tasks stand. Who did what and where? Team members take ownership for a project’s success and can document the work they’ve done.

Crafted through tackling real-world project management problems over 15 years, Workzone has the right tools you need to manage your challenging workloads. To-do lists and specific workspaces break down huge projects into smaller areas. It’s simple to start, update and adopt into your daily workflow. Your team members will be fully on-boarded and coached by the exceptional Workzone customer success team. Once they start, they’ll know how easy it is.

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Can I manage expenses and create invoices using Teamwork?

You can create expenses on your projects so that you can add them to invoices along with time logs.For more information please see our helpdoc ( or feel free to contact us on 

Project Management Software Teamwork
Can I create sub-tasks using Teamwork?

Hi there- yes you can create sub-tasks using Teamwork ProjectsSub-Tasks are created under a task. A task can only be completed once its related sub-tasks have been completed first.To complete a project, work from the lowest level

Project Management Software Teamwork
Can I create sub-tasks using Confluence?

We usually advise using Jira Software to create sub-tasks as the tasks in Confluence can only be on one level (no sub-tasks).

Project Management Software Atlassian Confluence
Can I manage expenses and create invoices using Confluence?

You can create tables to manage expenses and then export Confluence pages in PDF to create an invoice.

Project Management Software Atlassian Confluence
Does Redbooth offer time tracking and resource management?

With Redbooth, you can learn how to add time spent to any task and generate time tracking reports for you and your team. This is exclusive for Pro and Business subscriptions and must be enabled within the organization settings by

Project Management Software Redbooth
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